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Multipurpose Office Furniture

Flexible Office Furniture For Sale

Flexible Office Furniture For Sale

In this time where everything has to be done “faster”, there is a lot more need for furniture and seating options that are both versatile and functional. Multipurpose seating like moveable buddy chairs, ottomans, or work pods are the way in which a lot of companies are going in terms of their selection of furniture.

A time like this where more and more employees are switching to remote work is perfect for office furniture to be reimagined.  As employees pop in and out of office spaces for a short period of time, which at times increases the need for extra seating spaces. Office chairs that can be reconfigured and moved around can be a solution to a company’s furniture needs.

How to create a flexible office space?

  • Accommodate collaboration by using flexible furniture pieces 

Flexible office furniture is most of the times equipped with wheels for ease of use, so it can be moved to new spaces with ease.  Some tables can be joined together to accommodate conference style meetings and can be further separated into individual workstations.

Movable walls and partitioning are now available with wheels so the users of these spaces can reconfigure their spaces to easily meet their needs. Flexible office design encourages employee engagement.

  • Create breakaway spaces

Employees at times need the time to work in smaller groups or work alone. This breakaway spaces a quick move from a fast-paced and noisy environment.

  • Open concept

Collaborative office seating needs an open concept to be successful, the agility of this type of concept comes from the fact that there are no physical barriers. Open concept offers efficiency.

Multipurpose office seating means high-quality comfort while having a sense of style. These chairs are versatile and can be used and are ideal for different spaces. From boardrooms, receptions, management offices.

These collaborative chairs maximise the space – sometimes you just cannot knock down walls to create more space. These versatile furniture pieces help in ensuring that you use your space efficiently while making it feel less cramped.  With multifunctional chair there is no need to purchase multiple furniture pieces, one item can serve multiple purposes, this not only saves space but money. For instance, an ottoman can be both a coffee table, a side table, or a chair.

Where to get multipurpose office seating?

Chairs in the forms of benches, pods, moveable seating and sit or stand solutions can be found in most good chair company catalogues these days. 

Advocates of happiness by design, ChairClub have a range of office ottomans, versatile and multifunctional chairs. These are flexible to the needs of your team come in a variety of colours and shapes. ChairClub has office pieces that can serve many purposes, that is playful and informal. The multipurpose chairs come in a variety of finishes from plastic, wood, leather to upholstery.

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