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Benefits of Ottomans in Your Office Lounge

Adding office ottoman chairs to your office is a fantastic idea because they are multipurpose and can complement your office lounge furniture. Read more.

When it comes to creating a comfortable office space for your employees, one important section that every office should seriously consider is an office lounge. A space like this is growing in importance, especially in a wireless world where employees don’t need to be limited to a single desk and desktop computer.


The importance of the office lounge

A study shows that, if given a choice, over 30% of young employees (those between the ages of 18-34) prefer to work in a lounge setting instead of a traditional workspace.

These spaces encourage social interaction and the growth of a sense of community within your office – the relaxed environment allows people to form more organic connections, ones that are challenging to form in a more formal space.

Aside from this, a lounge responds to workers’ needs by creating a more comfortable workspace for your employees. Depending on the office lounge furniture you choose, this space can also be reconfigurable, allowing workers the flexibility to create an area that allows them to maximize their productivity.

It also makes your business more attractive to prospective employees. For example, studies show that 93% of workers in the tech industry prefer businesses that offer a lounge space over one that does not.


What is an Ottoman?

Ottomans originate from 18th century Turkey, where they were used to provide family seating in the main room of a home.

Today, an ottoman chair is a piece of furniture that does not have a back or armrest. They can take the form of a small, cushioned seat that you can use as a footstool or can be used as a low couch for seating.

Aside from being a seating option, ottomans can also be used as a stand-in for a coffee table or as extra storage space – this is possible in pieces where the seat forms a lid to a space inside the office furniture ottomans.


2 Reasons to choose ottomans for your office lounge

While ottomans are a great option for home decoration, they can also serve as a good option for office lounge furniture. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Impromptu Tables: While most office lounges have tables, this doesn’t mean that people won’t have a need for extra table space occasionally.

Moving bigger tables can pose a challenge – not only are they heavy, but they are also often attached to the floor. Ottomans, on the other hand, can be moved across the lounge easily.

The soft surface means that they are the perfect space on which to put down your laptop without worrying about scratches. They’re often a great space on which to display books and magazines for employees to read, without having to worry about taking up table space that your staff will need for work purposes.

  • Relaxation: Have you ever reached home, removed your shoes, and put your legs up to relax? If you’ve done this, you know how comfortable it can be to stretch your legs out after a day sitting at the desk.

While traditional offices discourage relaxing in the workspace, many businesses are opening up to the benefits of letting employees be more casual in the office. Ottomans in your office lounge can serve as footrests for employees looking to put their feet up, stretch out, and change their position after hours of sitting in one place.

Not only does this make your employees comfortable and happier, it can also increase productivity for employees that prefer to work in a relaxed position.


Can Office Ottomans Be Used for Seating?

Ottomans do not only serve as footrests and tables. They can also act as additional office soft seating for impromptu meetings.  They also allow employees to create their own seating area to meet their needs as they arise. In both of these situations, a portable office lounge chair like an ottoman can come in handy.


Create a better workspace with office ottomans

While ottomans may seem like an unusual choice of office lounge furniture, it is undeniable that they have their advantages. From additional seating to acting as footrests and tables, these multifunctional office pieces can help round out your office lounge and make it a comfortable and collaborative space for your employees to spend time in. Why not check out the website.

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