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Office booths are a great addition to any office. Office phone booths are great for open-plan offices and provide a number of ergonomic benefits. Read More.

Employee wellbeing leads to improved productivity. But what does this have to do with office booths? See: it’s all about the power of ergonomic office booth design.

While the open-plan office layout continues to be popular across the world, there have been serious concerns about it. For instance, many employees have complained that the lack of privacy has really affected their productivity.

On the other hand, if privacy becomes the priority in your office layout, open and easy team communication is forfeit.

Can your business have it both ways?


How do office booths improve productivity?

Businesses are introducing breakout spaces and privacy booths in their current open office layouts. Office booths are becoming increasingly popular with employers seeking to create an environment where meeting the needs of their employees comes first.

When it comes to enhanced productivity, office booths are a great addition to any corporate or SME workplace. Here’s why:

  • They provide privacy and enhance focus

Studies show that employees who work in open-plan offices lose up to 86 minutes a day to distractions. Whether it is the constant footsteps of colleagues or the banter of those close by, there are great challenges to concentration in open-plan offices. This is reason enough to use an office booth.

  • Office phone booths promote meaningful interactions

Interestingly, open office plans can make employees too uncomfortable to make work calls, resulting in an inclination to messaging. What’s more, according to a study by Harvard Business Review, face-to-face interactions reduce by 70% once a company switches to an open plan.

Ultimately, it seems that open-plan offices have actually reduced meaningful interactions in the workplace. As such, a few booths here and there could give employees the space to focus on their tasks and recharge their social batteries.


The hidden ergonomic benefit of office booths

There’s more to ergonomic office booth design than preventing office injuries and the economic implications of sick days.

The top benefit is that they allow for movement.

One of the greatest ergonomic hazards in any office is prolonged periods of sitting. It can cause serious musculoskeletal issues and even increases your chances of getting diabetes. And with most office employees spending more than 7 hours a day sitting on their desk, it is very important to promote movement.

Office booths can do this in two ways; by allowing you to walk back to the open space when you please and by giving you the freedom to move around at your desk.


What is office booth furniture?

This is furniture designed and manufactured to be used specifically in an office booth. Office booth furniture includes high-standing desks, adjustable chairs, and even booth sofas.

Each of these components is usually designed to be comfortable and ergonomic, ensuring maximum productivity. For instance, the chairs used are usually:

  • Adequately cushioned to provide enough support to your spine
  • Fitted with a back that curves with your back, supporting both your shoulders and lower back
  • Fitted with armrests that keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle, reducing strain on the wrists, shoulders, and neck.

Get comfortable with ergonomic office booth design

The ideal office is an active office, designed for both privacy and team communication. Your office can deliver both. Ergonomic office booths with office booth furniture make humans happy, and happy humans translate into business success.

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