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What Kind of Chair Is Best Suited For Your Company's Needs?

It could be a common sight in an office to see employees constantly adjusting their chairs in an effort to find the optimal personal position for them, so that comfort prevails and focus can settle back.


It could also be common for employees to use mountains of blankets and pillows in finding that same comfort. What about stuck-on chair accessories that some invest in – the beaded back pads, the elasticised support frames? 


These are all incidents seen in offices in which endeavours for suitable choices in comfortable office chair procurement have been disregarded. Office chairs matter! Because the comfort of your employees matters, and contrary to popular belief, not every chair is suitable for office use.


Office chairs have come a long way in the past two decades – options have expanded. While most office chairs look similar, they are certainly not, and choosing the right one can be confusing for some.


As many businesses are now focused on employee satisfaction and their overall health,


choosing the correct chair for full-day use has become essential to honouring that satisfaction and the progression toward an entirely comfortable workspace.


Which Chair is Best for Office Employees?

A given chair can be best for one employee and uncomfortable for another. The trick is to not cut corners and find a balance between budget and quality. 

Here is a list of office chairs you can choose from, based on varying unique needs:

Task chairs

These are popular in most office environments. They’re light and maneuverable, equipped with wheels for ease of movement on an open-plan floor – seeing employees rolling from one desk to another, enjoying the ease of movement in comfort and getting the job done, can swell a business owner’s heart. 

These chairs usually have a mesh backing for optimum support, are very affordable in bulk, and endlessly comfortable.

Big and tall chairs

Not many think of the many shapes and sizes of individuals in a workforce. Just as smaller folks would feel uncomfortable in high, non-adjustable chairs, so would people of larger builds be in undersized chairs.

Big and tall chairs function as the name implies. They are large and can support people who are up to 6.6 feet tall.

Ergonomic Chairs

The idea for this chair was born from the fact that a lot of people spend a lot of time seated in their working environments. It has excellent back support fostering good posture. You are likely to spend a little more money for this chair, but save on the chiropractors.

Executive Chairs

These chairs have all the features of ergonomic chairs. They are comfortable and have extra padding. As these chairs are high-end, they are more expensive, but not only do they look good, they combine all the features of the best chairs – big bang for your buck.

Guest Chairs

These chairs are a necessity in every office and are meant for short-term sitting.

They are comfortable but not for full-day use. They’re usually found in waiting rooms and reception areas and usually fulfill more of an aesthetic function, as opposed to a practical, comfortable function.

Guest chairs range in price, depending on their intended role in the office and complexity of aesthetic design.


What is the Best Office Chair for Long Hours?

The best chair for extended office hours should have these recommended features:

– A seat that can be adjusted to suit people of different heights

– An adjustable backrest that can be moved forward or back

– Good seat depth

As mentioned already, one chair can, however, be exceedingly comfortable for one person, and less so for another. The best way to get the correct suited office chair for every employee is to let everyone test and choose a chair that they find comfortable – and that’s within budget, of course.


The thought of different office chairs in one space can send many interior designers running for the hills. This, as offices are known to be places of structure and uniformity. 


Not to worry, though, at ChairClub, we can guarantee personalised and customised designs that suit both individual specifications and office design uniformity, alike.


Choosing the best chair doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In summation, the perfect chair has to have good back support, must be adjustable to suit different people, and the seat depth matters. ChairClub has a wide range of chairs suited for people of differing needs and in a variety of designs and colours.


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