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Why Your Office Needs To Have Office Pods

Office pods are a great addition to any office. Read More on how soundproof pods are great for open-plan offices and how they help to increase productivity.

Productivity is the cornerstone of a successful business. This is exactly why your office needs to have office pods; a quiet alternative to the ever-busy open-plan design. To ensure that you’re well informed about your options, today we are going to have an in-depth talk about these pods and how they can help increase productivity.


What are office pods?

Essentially, these are self-contained spaces that can be placed within an open office to provide privacy. They have four walls like any other entrapment and popularly have a glass door. Sometimes they are even soundproofed.

As such, they are perfect for work that requires a lot of focus or for even having a private meeting. They can be designed to accommodate one person or multiple. Moreover, they can easily be moved from place to place, providing greater flexibility than an average room.


How can adding office pods benefit your office?

Adding pods into your office can greatly improve your space and increase productivity. Here’s how:

  1. They reduce distractions

With employees working in open-plan offices losing up to 86 minutes a day to distractions, installing a soundproof pod could be game-changing. Not only will it give employees a quiet space to concentrate but it can also be a perfect spot for work calls and one-on-one meetings.

Any way you look at it, it is a good way to increase productivity in the workplace.

  1. They improve job satisfaction

According to a study by the Scandinavian Journal of Work, Environment, and Health, the more the employees working in a single space, the less their job satisfaction. This in turn results in less productivity.

As such, you should always aim to reduce the number of people working in your open-plan office; something that pods can easily help you with.

  1. They improve employee health

Constantly being near your colleagues has another major disadvantage; germs spread fast. It only takes one person with the flu to infect the whole office. In fact, a study in Ergonomics found a link between office design to employee sickness and consequent absence.

It was found that those who worked in open offices took 62% more sick days than those in single-person offices. Such high rates of absenteeism obviously have a significant effect on the company’s bottom line, especially for small businesses.

  1. They allow for more movement

Most office pods come with a standing desk option to allow you to stand as you work. Additionally, single-person pods provide enough space for you to pace around your desk as you work.

And since you can alternate between spending time in the pod and in the open-plan area, you have plenty of room to take a short walk. Ultimately, this movement allowance is not only good for your health but also boosts productivity.

  1. They promote collaboration

Since you can easily move pods around as you please, you can create “office neighbourhoods”. These are different sections in your office; some open-plan and others with pods.

This arrangement gives employees the freedom to move from one section to another, collaborating with others as they go. This can greatly improve collaboration and creativity, eventually leading to a boost in productivity.


Where to buy office pods?

So, where can you buy office pods in South Africa? Buy directly from the office furnishing company that always puts people-comfort first: ChairClub. Ask us anything about office pods.


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