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Office Chairs That Support Natural Movement

The average length of an individual’s workday is just over 8 hours. One is expected to be productive, respond to emails, compile reports, field calls, and stare at computer and cell phone screens, mostly in a sitting position. How often does your sitting position or the support your office chair gives you cross your mind? How many times are you sitting uncomfortably? How often do you worry about your body and how it handles and adjusts to your working environment?

Your sitting position is vitally important during the time spent at your desk. Around 40% of energy spent at work is used to compensate for incorrect and uncomfortable posture and most of this is done subconsciously. The office chair that you choose needs to meet certain requirements to minimize any negative physical effects and maximize productivity. By having a comfortable office chair the most natural body position and natural bodily movements are encouraged. Natural movement is when your body is encouraged and supported to perform its movements and postures that are optimal for our body function.


Comfortable Office Chairs

There are a number of variables that contribute to having a comfortable office chair:

Posture-Effective postural support is key to a good, comfortable office chair. The forces through the human spine during sitting are increasingly high as compared to other postures and external support is needed when a sitting position is maintained for any length of time. Spinal support offered by your comfortable desk chair can allow the recovery of the intervertebral discs during sitting and bring relief to your abdomen, spinal column, and musculoskeletal system. Effective postural support also improves circulation and breathing which drastically reduces fatigue.

Ergonomics is the science around planning a certain environment with regards to how the components work with and around the human body while finding optimal outcomes. It is important that all your office furniture and equipment is optimal for encouraging movement, posture correction, and body support while discouraging and preventing any injury-causing positions.

Movement during the day is essential to maintain effective bodily functioning such as circulation, digestion, respiration, and muscle integrity. During a long and intensive workday, one can forget to keep moving! A comfortable office chair that encourages natural movement and posture adjustments, due to the way it is designed to force your involuntary movement, allows your organs to function as best as possible. 


What makes a comfortable desk chair?

The comfort of your office chair is subjective to your own personal preference. Once correct posture, ergonomics, and natural movement of your office chair is established, comfort becomes personal. Try a variety of chairs that meet these criteria and chose the colour, texture, padding, armrests, and feel that works best for your own body and needs.

A reclining office chair is when the back portion of the chair moves backwards or forwards while the seat portion remains in place. These sections move independently of each other. The reclining movement allows for the angle between your hips and abdomen to increase larger than 90 degrees at your hip level. Opening this angle can allow for muscle stretch, organ pressure relief, and lumbar spine extension, as well as opening your chest cavity for greater lung expansion and enhanced oxygenated.


Where to buy comfortable desk chairs?

Now that you know what features to look for in an office chair that supports natural movement you can start your shopping. It is a good idea to search the internet and chair supplier websites to find the company ethos and design ideas that speak to your needs. Once you have your favourites listed then visit a showroom or two before you make your choice. Chairclub offers you affordable office seating to the highest global standards where luxury meets comfort!

With chairs designed by award-winning German designer Stefan Brodback, Chairclub produces top-quality ergonomic engineering with colourful, humanised design, for a brighter, more energetic, and productive work environment. Choose your office chair today at and be guaranteed of a chair that is ergonomically sound, youthful, enjoyable and more comfortable than work should ever be!

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