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The Benefits of Adjustable Seat Office Chairs

For many individuals, the greatest part of our office day is spent sitting at a desk of sorts. While we complete a variety of operational tasks we often do not stop and take cognisance of the position we are sitting in. The sustained postures we assume can have a great effect on our bodies and how they function, which can affect productivity and output. Because of these reasons, it is especially important that the office furniture and chairs we choose are optimally supportive of our bodies and allow for correct ergonomics within our working environments.

Ergonomics refers to the design of your workplace – both your furniture, equipment, and operational space, and how your body functions amongst these all. Optimizing the best support, postures, and positions for your body while conducting your job greatly affects how well you perform your tasks and how you function in your workspace.

It is important to choose office chairs with back support. Back support when sitting for extended periods of time is essential to maintain spinal, joint, and muscle integrity. An Orthopaedic office chair will do just that as it is designed to support these elements of your body while you are sitting completing your tasks at hand. Orthopaedic refers to your bones, joints, and muscles. These key elements of bodily function need to be correctly supported and maintained to prevent injury, joint damage, and muscle strain.

Having an adjustable seat office chair is also pertinent to suit your individual requirements. All our bodies are so different that no one chair can give the correct support for such a wide range of body types. The office chair you choose should consist of elements that are adjustable according to your body weight, shape, height, and form. The seat, arms, and backrest of your office chair need to accommodate various positions and different body types.

Another important consideration is lumbar support office chairs. Your office chair needs to have a core element of lumbar support. The pressure that is translated through your spinal column during sitting is extremely high compared to other positions. Your lumbar spine (lower part of your spine before your sitting bone) needs to be supported as it forms the base of your entire spinal column. Orthopaedic office chairs strive to support your lumbar spine, which in turn will provide the correct posture for great structure and minimal injury.


What are the health benefits of an adjustable seat office chair?

An adjustable seat office chair provides many health benefits beyond those of lumbar and orthopaedic support. Office chairs that support natural movements have a positive effect on circulation, breath and respiration, organ release, and peripheral joint integrity. When these systems are functioning well productivity is increased and fatigue and injury are greatly reduced. The alternative could leave you with headaches, back, neck and lumbar pain, poor circulation, and abdominal pains, and cramping.


Where to buy orthopaedic office chairs?

Orthopaedic office chairs need to be chosen carefully. It is important to discuss these elements with your employer or office design team. If you have any predisposing health risk or lumbar or joint pathologies, you should let your company know about your needs. Shopping online can help you complete a checklist as to what criteria your new office desk chair adheres to with regards to ergonomics, Orthopaedic and lumbar support, adjustability, and comfort. For high-performance office chairs that are multipurpose and look great in any environment choose Chairclub.

Your office furniture should be comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing and Chairclub brings you stylish all-round performing chairs that push the design envelope. Visit for affordable office seating made in South Africa to the highest of global standards. Make longer days feel shorter with the award-winning office chairs from Chairclub and turn your office environment into a place of comfort and productivity.

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