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Ergonomic Chairs – All you need to know


A chair is a chair, right? Wrong! An office chair is not simply a black piece of leather or fabric on wheels, but rather a very specifically designed piece of equipment that can ensure hours of comfort and support while you work. Choosing an ergonomic chair for your home office or workspace can mean the difference between being an efficient and high-performing team member or not. It is an investment in both your health and mind too.

Let’s take a look at all you need to know about ergonomic chairs and how to choose the best one for you;

What is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is one that has been designed with the user’s performance and health in mind. Ergonomics is the phrase coined by occupational therapists for the study of the way our bodies are positioned during work that can either enhance performance or hinder it. Good ergonomics includes the way we sit on a chair, the way our arms are bent to reach the computer or keyboard, the erectness of our spines, and the angle of our neck when looking at the screen.

An ergonomic chair can enable a person to sit more comfortably at a desk by including features like height adjustable handles, armrest adjustable handles, sliding seat, lumbar support design, and cushioned fabric or upholstery,

Ergonomic Chairs
How to choose an ergonomic chair?

There are two main factors to look for when choosing an ergonomic chair, namely maneuverability and support.


Having a chair with good maneuverability means a couple of important things. Firstly, it means having a chair that is height adjustable. You ideally want to sit on a chair that enables your legs to be bent at a 90-degree angle, allowing your feet to be positioned comfortably and flat on the floor. We are, of course, all of the different heights and so an adjustable chair will allow you to move the chair up or down to reach the perfect for height for your frame. In terms of ergonomics, having a height-adjustable chair is non-negotiable.

When it comes to maneuverability, choosing a chair on wheels is important. It allows you to move back and forth around your desk with ease and also allows you to swivel without putting strain on your lower back and neck.

Lumbar Support

The second most important element in any good ergonomic chair is the way the backrest is designed in order to offer you lumbar support. Sitting as straight up as possible, with your shoulders relaxed and your arms at a 90-degree angle to the desk is the ideal sitting position. Sitting up straight, however, can be difficult in a chair that doesn’t offer a curved lower backrest with good lumbar support. A well-designed office chair will incorporate supportive lines and breathable fabric for its backrest to provide the ideal curved back support.

Choosing an office chair from a company like the Chair Club enables you to have a range of choices. Our range of high-performance chairs are designed with ideal ergonomics in mind. Be sure to take your time, browsing for your perfect seat; if you can, try a few options too. The chair you choose should ideally feel comfortable enough to support your back, neck, and body for the entire day while you work.

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