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Our Green Tag Certified Office Chairs

Ergonomic design coupled with customisable functionality and topped off with a plethora of aesthetically pleasing design options, crafted with the desk-warrior in mind, is what office seating should be about to foster happy workers and exceptional performance and productivity.



But, for a future-facing office, that affords its people high-level comfort with an approach geared towards sustainability, world-class, eco-friendly office furniture requires one more element to be inducted into the elite echelons of sustainable furniture’s finest – a tag of eco-approval from a globally recognised eco-products authority.



Cue one of the world’s most robust and trusted authorities in eco-certification, Global GreenTag. The future of office furniture is eco-sustainability, and Global GreenTag, with their GreenTag certification, has come through as the ultimate solution in identifying office furniture of the highest sustainability standards.

But what do GreenTag certified products mean for you the next time you’re in the market for a green office chair?


What is a Global Green Tag Certification (GGTC)? 


Global Green Tag is bringing green products to the fore so that manufacturers and customers alike, are able to sell and shop sustainable, healthy, and ethical products. Global GreenTag uses the world’s best scientific methods to conduct a product life cycle analysis that determines and enables a performance ranking of the products, according to their health and sustainability factors among others. The products that are able to meet the sustainability, health, and low environmental impact criteria, earn themselves a Global GreenTag certification.


Why choose GGT-certified furniture?


With a global pivot towards securing a more sustainable future, and with more individuals doing their part to make a sustainable future a reality, there has never been a better time for green products to step into the sustainable spotlight.


For consumers, you want to know that the product you purchase has a positive impact on the environmental issues you care about. While producers need a way to communicate to their customers that they can trust that their products are ethically engineered, in planet-friendly ways.


The Global GreenTag certification is an all-in-one tool that gives consumers peace of mind that their purchase was a planet-friendly and ethical one, while affording manufacturers a badge of recognition that highlights how they put sustainability first when bringing a product to market.


So, when you purchase a GGT-certified product, it’s more than that, because by purchasing a Global GreenTag certified product, you are investing in a greener, more sustainable planet. And if doing some good for the environment isn’t enough to convince you, Global GreenTag only assesses products that pass fit-for purpose tests. So when you purchase a GreenTag certified product, you are assured a quality green product that is healthy and safe for use too.


Where to find GGT-certified office chairs?


With the Global GreenTag eco-label, finding products that have been given the scientific, sustainable nod of approval by Global GreenTag is made easy. With green products growing in popularity, ‘Greenwashing’ has become a go-to marketing tactic where manufacturers market their products as green, without the scientific evidence to back their claims.


The Global GreenTag certification helps you cut through the marketing noise with its eco-label tag, enabling you to shop eco-products that you can trust. So, the next time you are searching for a GreenTag office chair, simply look out for the Global GreenTag certification label on the product, and rest assured that your purchase is good for you and the planet.


For ergonomic, eco-friendly seating, that is approved by one of the world’s finest eco-product authorities, get in touch with our ever-eager team of seating gurus at ChairClub, to find the GreenTagged office chair for you, that will give you comfort and support while giving back to the planet.


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