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Small local businesses can find it hard in a world ruled by large corporate organisations – in staying afloat, they often have their work cut out for them every day.

It is no secret that the business world is cutthroat – supporting small businesses can go a long way for some families, making a difference in the lives of consumers, even benefitting entire communities.

But what makes small businesses even more important than large corporations? Why should you support a local business?

Benefits of supporting local businesses

Improve local economy
For every rand you spend on a local product, a lot more is cycled back into the local economy. When companies grow, the community and the local economy is strengthened, as well.

Superior customer service
Have you ever dealt with a big corporation? When you need help or assistance of some kind, you are usually transferred between departments several times or more, or even worse, put on hold. Getting help can be a nightmare.

Local businesses offer personalised assistance, they are easy to get hold of, and any challenge you are faced with can potentially be solved in no time.

Job creation
When you shop local, you help create jobs. These jobs can go to your friends or family, simply from you supporting your community.

Less environmental impact

Buying local means less transportation and outsourcing. Making a supply chain local helps the environment. It reduces storage, shipping costs, and time, and you further reduce gas emission and the use of energy.

Having a local chain of supply does not only mean that a company is ‘green’, it further builds consumer confidence. When consumers are confident about your product, it equates to brand awareness and loyalty.

More flexible

Local suppliers are more reactive than suppliers who are far from you. They can supply on demand. It is easier for these businesses to coordinate a shipment as they are closer.

Waiting for a shipment from across the globe can be costly, not only in the amount spent but also in the time taken for the product to reach you.


Why is shopping for local chairs important?

This brings us to why you should choose the local route, when buying your office chairs.

Buying a chair or any piece of furniture locally is essential because you get to see and touch products yourself. You can visit the business’s showroom and get assistance and information on specific features of the chair you are buying. As this is a local business, this means a customised and personalised service.

Shopping for a chair locally also means reasonable shipping time and costs. There are no hidden costs, and as discussed already, you lessen the toll on the environment.

Shopping locally allows users to access quality chair design services and customisation options.

Most of these businesses are professionals in the industry which means they have a deep understanding of office interior design, too.

What’s more, when shopping for a chair from big corporations online, you might be met with misleading customer reviews.

Fake online reviews are a growing issue, with some companies ‘planting’ positive reviews on their profiles in an attempt to outshine any negative reviews they may have garnered. So shop for your chairs from local businesses you can trust.


Why should we buy local products from ChairClub?

For every office chair you buy, ChairClub will donate a school chair that is locally manufactured to a local school through our partnership with Adopt-a-School.

Alternatively, we’ll donate the same chair to a school or community organisation of your choice. Through this initiative and by partnering with the Adopt-a-School Foundation, we believe we can make a sustainable difference in the lives of learners.

In conclusion, shopping for chairs locally benefits more than the community – allowing for economic growth and a chance for financial independence – but also the environment, as ChairClub chairs are locally manufactured. Buy smart – buy local.

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