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A Blueprint For Choosing The Best Meeting Room Chairs

The boardroom is an important office space that hosts crucial business strategy sessions, ideation meetings, and the decision-making processes that ensure forward projection, always.

What’s more, it’s the place where the cake will be on colleagues’ birthdays.

With so much activity, the seating you choose to populate your meeting room or boardroom with must be as good at its job as you are. But what are the features of the office meeting room chair that will give you and your people the best seat in the house, every time?

There is a blueprint for choosing an office meeting room boardroom chairs? – let’s detail the most important part of the blueprint here, in top tips.


So, What Are Meeting Room Chairs?

Meeting room chairs aren’t just seating accessories.

They have dimensions, features, and a modicum of engineering – all meeting as facets to form greater comfort and support for long hours in a seating position.

Here are just a few features to look out for when determining the best meeting room chairs for your specific business requirements:



You’d think this would be a given when selecting meeting room chairs.

However, some chair manufacturers design their seating accessories for aesthetic and not practicality in comfort.

Seat width and depth are vital for comfort during the long hours of sitting your people may be subjected to.


Choose a seat width that’s around 50cm – this will allow the sitter to gain full comfort, no matter his or her height, body shape, or sitting style. Then choose a seat depth that leaves around 10cm between the back of the legs and the actual seat.


These combined will promote the best seating position to benefit from the lumbar support features of the chair.

We’ll get into lumbar necessities next.



Our spines have evolved in a slight curve, and that curve becomes concave at its lower part.

Good meeting room chairs that provide lumbar support, will have a convex shape at the bottom. This serves as support for the lower spine and promotes correct posture (incorrect seating posture can do a lot to strain the structures of the lower back).



You want your people to have freedom of movement when endeavouring to be productive in a meeting.

That means that your meeting room chairs must be equipped with a recommended wheel system. This will give the sitter unrestricted mobility and promote proper seating posture.


Where Can I Buy Meeting Room Chairs?

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