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Things to Consider When Shopping for Conference Room Chairs

Your office chairs are a vital part of your overall office equipment capability. They lend an overall functionality and style to your building while giving you and your employees the comfort you need to optimally get things done.

On the other hand, when it comes to selecting conference room chairs, in particular, you may need to employ a modicum of care in the process.

Conference room chairs need to be somewhat versatile in that they’ll fulfill a role as a chair that’s universally comfortable, but also as one that can maintain its comfort and support for longer periods of sitting, and for many different body types.

There are a few things to tick off the list when endeavouring to find the perfect conference chairs – here are the most important features of modern conference room chairs.


Conference Room Chairs

Your conference room is the space in your office that welcomes the most varied traffic. In it you’ll have major business brainstorms, quick office catchups, longer board meetings, and, of course, you’ll use it to welcome potential new outside business partnerships. So, it must be a room as versatile as it is welcoming and beautiful.

The first step to achieving that is in the choice of excellent conference room chairs. From function to form, everything must align in symbiosis – here’s how to choose the right conference room chairs:


Ergonomics – The Chair’s Lumbar Care Features

Comfort and support must always be first and foremost.

There’s much to be said about the levels of focus that can be maintained when everyone in the room is comfortable. And there’s, even more to be said about chairs that provide the support that promotes health by preventing the back and neck issues that may result from poor posture in long bouts of sitting.

Look at the ergonomic features of office conference chairs. Make sure they have the adjustability and support that gives better posture. The resulting effect is more often than not, a workforce that’s consistently productive.


The Look

This is definitely an important factor,
only second to comfort. 
You’ll want to create an atmosphere in your conference room that deftly balances a look of professionalism, and meets the specificities of your brand, and your company culture and style.

Conference room chairs today, are custom-made to provide comfort, but also align with the uniqueness of your business. Contact ChairClub now  – we have the bespoke conference room chairs for you.

The Space-Saving Factor

Conference room chairs need a high-function factor, too. You’ll want to have chairs available for all attendees, and then these chairs shouldn’t be prone to bunching or becoming a ‘clutter’ factor in the room – nothing diminishes professionality more.

Choose chairs that will exist in the most economy-in-space – it’s added comfort for your conferencing activities.

Movement – How Mobile is the Chair?

Although conference room chairs require less of a mobility factor than standard office chairs, some mobility is welcome so that attendees have the freedom of movement to follow speakers as they move around the meeting room and to confer with each other.

High mobility also goes the distance in increasing comfort by removing restrictiveness – in turn ultimately promoting collaboration.

Choose chairs that have smooth swivel-ability, and that are equipped with top-quality wheels.  

Choosing the right conference room chairs is a mission that must be undertaken with a delicate balance of functionality and style in mind. As mentioned, though, comfort is the critical factor and must be sought first, before moving onto the extra features. At ChairClub, we have a team of seating gurus poised to guide you through your selection process, so that you find the conference room chairs that promote comfort and support, and that suit your company style.

Contact ChairClub today to see how we can help you find the best seat in the house.

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