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The HIVE chair is more than a seat – it’s a mini-workspace

The award-winning Hive chair by designer Stefan Brodbeck for ChairClub gets the vote of approval for offering an environment-friendly, locally made office-space solution that will have you wanting to spend more time at work.

The trend towards open-plan offices has swamped us. Gone are even the slightest nods towards privacy, like those awful upholstered cubicle-divider walls, as companies seat employees in never-ending, battery-chicken rows, apparently to encourage groupthink and collaboration. With colleagues constantly scuttling back and forth, desperately searching for a nook in which to have a private conversation, Bodbeck’s chair is a much-needed breath of fresh air.

The Hive is billed as a simple chair but is actually a self-contained mini-workspace. Brodbeck says it “provides a hideaway, your personal retreat amid the office buzz”.

We love the slow lounge vibes of the Hive and the versatility of the pod-like setup, with its adjustable table, cosy reading light and power outlets for your laptop and phone charger. It’s easy to see how it attracted attention at The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design Good Design Awards last year. It’s equally suitable for putting together that last-minute presentation as it is for sneaking 20-minute power nap. We wish all office seating solutions were this cool.

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