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Research shows that up to 40% of our energy at work is spent compensating for poor posture.

Life is best lived without limits, yet in the office we face them every day; reports, deadlines, overtime, repeat.

Our chairs include functionalities designed to promote better breathing, concentration, fatigue prevention and lower error rates.

ChairClub is on a mission to help the world live more positively – one chair at a time.

Meet ALLY. The smooth-operator chair that makes long days feel shorter.

Ally subtly incorporates all the ergonomic features you’d expect to see in a high-performance task chair. Multiway adjustment ensures a perfect ergonomic fit. Our synchro mechanism enables the seat and back to move independently.

Ally is a versatile operator tasking chair designed to blend into every office aesthetic – combining beauty and intelligence with comfort. A chair design that looks great while providing hour after hour support for optimal performance.

Our Ally chair is manufactured in Johannesburg, South Africa, our factory employs local people and promotes skills development and education.